Independent expert, urban policy, social innovation and labour markets 

Eddy is an adviser, writer, moderator and events facilitator. Working extensively with the European Commission, the OECD and other international agencies. His roles include moderating the EU Cities Forum, providing expert support to the Urban Development Network, and contributing to the Urban Agenda for the EU’s Partnership on Jobs and Skills. He is also a Programme Expert for URBACT, the Paris-based EU cities exchange and learning programme.

Interested in tackling growing inequality, Eddy has been engaged in BRIDGE, the pioneering Urban Innovative Actions project led by Rotterdam. He is also the UIA Expert for Milan, advising on measures to promote youth wellbeing. Previously, Eddy was instrumental in developing the Scottish Government’s NEET-prevention strategy and review of learning and skills for young offenders.

Recent work also includes leading the European Urban Initiative’s review of Skills for a Green Future, as part of wider work on a just transition to climate neutrality.

Ed is a Trustee at The Young Foundation, a Fellow of the RSA, and a Member of SIX, the Global Social Innovation network.


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