Civic Scholar

Gabby is a PhD student researching into the impact of crisis on educational transition in Bradford. Using interdisciplinary research, Gabby is interested in applying sociological and psychological theory to student experience in order to understand the long term impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. She is also a research assistant at University of Bradford, and currently investigating the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on research productivity. Gabby also chairs the Athena Swan application for her faculty at her university and aims to achieve a bronze award by the end of 2022.

She says, “Research with community engagement at its heart is needed more than ever; we tend to identify ourselves by our social divisions instead of our shared values. While working as part of my hometown’s youth council and assisting with the town council, the issues that impacted people across all ages and social groups within the community were met with the most enthusiasm. I hope to work on projects which incite this enthusiasm to help marginalised factions in the community that may be overlooked, so I am extremely excited to work with the Institute’s team.”


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