Jana joined The Young Foundation in 2019, after a year of on-the-road podcasting as R&A International Scholar for the University of St Andrews. During this time, she worked alongside and created episodes with community groups, social enterprises and local initiatives across 11 European countries.

As a dedicated mixed-methods researcher, passionate about participatory and peer approaches, Jana is particularly interested in exploring creative and visual forms of communicating stories within research findings. This motivated her to enroll in an MA in data visualisation at the University of the Arts London.

Outside The Young Foundation, Jana enjoys spending time in the mountains on hiking ventures or (when there are no mountain available) ambling around London on pastry ventures.


London Civic Strength Index

Publication Posted on: 18 October 2021

Covid-19 and community life: the people’s strategy

Publication Posted on: 29 October 2020

Covid-19 and community life: why are cases rising?

Publication Posted on: 8 October 2020

Covid-19 and community life: divided we stand?

Publication Posted on: 30 September 2020

How Covid-19 changed community life in the UK

Publication Posted on: 9 July 2020

Safety in numbers?

Publication Posted on: 30 June 2020

‘Covid & Me’ diaries: exit strategies

Blog Posted on: 7 May 2020

Flipping the coin: two sides of community wealth in England

Publication Posted on: 15 November 2019


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