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Marion joined The Young Foundation’s Institute for Community Studies in 2023 after completing a PhD at the University of Sheffield that explored community-university partnerships (CUPs) within the context of the neoliberal university and the civic agenda.

For over 10 years, Marion has worked toward creating inclusive communities for learning, collaboration and decision-making with stakeholders from higher education, the 3rd sector and public sector. Her work has involved community development, community research, and knowledge production and impact. She believes that building and maintaining caring relationships are essential in all the work that we do, and brings this ethos of care into her practice.

Marion’s work with the ICS will involve supporting a variety of projects, but her main focus will be on civic universities and their impact and relationships with their local communities. She will be gathering evidence to develop a better understand of what is working, for whom, and what else needs to happen for universities and their local communities to benefit and influence each other in more equitable and impactful ways.

Outside of work, Marion loves traveling, cats, and singing!

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Experiences of ‘citizen science’

Publication Posted on: 9 October 2023


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