Senior Non-Resident Fellow, Atlantic Council and the Royal United Services Institute

A scholar and author focusing on politics, religion, and security studies, Dr H.A. Hellyer is a specialist on politics in the modern Arab world, challenges facing European Muslim communities, and Islam in the contemporary era.

A senior non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council and the Royal United Services Institute, Dr Hellyer has held academic attachments at noted institutions including the University of Warwick, the American University in Cairo, and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies of the University of Oxford.

He was formerly the deputy convenor of the UK government taskforce on tackling radicalisation and extremism, a fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC, and a senior practice consultant at the Gallup Organisation.

His insights on current events in the Europe, the Arab world and Muslim communities worldwide are regularly sought by the international media networks such as CNN, BBC, the Guardian, the New York Times and others.

His recent books and monographs include Muslims of Europe: the ‘Other’ Europeans (2009) for Edinburgh University Press, A Revolution Undone: Egypt’s Road Beyond Revolt (2016) for Oxford University Press and Hurst, and Engagement with the Muslim Community & Counter-Terrorism: British Lessons for the West (2007) for Brookings Institution, as well as some 25 book chapters and journal articles to various presses.


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