Neighbourhood Housing Officer, London Borough of Camden

Shahaveer (Shubo) worked for The Young Foundation between March 2018 and June 2019 as community engagement officer on the Tower Hamlets Communities Driving Change project. He was co-founder of The Utilize Project (TUP), a not-for-profit organisation that works with developers ’utilize’ their empty properties for the benefit of local people, and is now Neighbourhood Housing Officer in the London borough of Camden.

Shahaveer was born and brought up in Tower Hamlets, attended local schools and started a local business at a young age. Alongside this, he brings vast experience of working voluntarily in the borough to empower vulnerable people and campaign for a better community.

In 2016, Shahaveer spearheaded a campaign called #LoveRohingya, raising funds and awareness to assist the people of Rohingya with food and shelter. Since he began the campaign, almost £100,000 has been raised, providing children centres and training facilities for adults that have had to flee their homeland.

Shahaveer also spent time on the Greek Islands during the refugee crises helping refugees arriving in boats. He spent time in East Africa, and also led the #Iftar1000 campaign, where he coordinated volunteers to package food that were then sent to feed 35,000,00 people internationally.

In 2017, Shahaveer went to Bangladesh, working with street children, exploring ways in which their lives could be improved and supported. This led to him to becoming involved with the Leedo Peace Home, based in Dhaka, which works to fulfil basic needs as well as provide a range of enrichment and educational activities. On his return, Shahaveer organised the London2Makkah cycle ride. This challenge involved spending 56 days supporting two cyclists to raise money for the Dhaka street children by cycling from London to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Shahaveer has been recognised for this huge achievement in the 2018 British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration 100 list. In his work at The Young Foundation, he draws on this wealth of international and local experience to help build stronger communities.


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