Assistant Director - Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis, CMA

At the at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Tosin is lead advisor on a range of competition-related cases across different sectors, analysing and advising on financial and business issues. Prior to this, she was senior manager at UK Government Investments (UKGI). Tosin is a qualified public and management accountant with an MBA from Cranfield University and more than 20 years’ experience in investor relations, financial communications, public policy, corporate strategy and stakeholder management. Tosin has considerable expertise in a number of sectors such as investment banking, oil and gas industry, asset management, economic research, and government.

Tosin has a keen interest in supporting social enterprises for the public good. Having reviewed the financial and operational performance of various organisations in the private and public sector, she understands what is needed to achieve the dual objectives of fulfilling a social purpose while also being ‘for profit’.


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