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London Mayor announces a £750k fund as our report uncovers “shocking evidence of exploitation”

News 12 June 2023

Our new report, Rights and risks, uncovers shocking abuse of vulnerable Londoners. 

‘Young people experience violence daily – and our ideas for change will save lives’ 

Blog 4 April 2023

Sharing her experiences, Annais Naylor Guerrero says fixing youth violence means urgently addressing mistrust in our broken system.

Leading research, driving change

Publication 22 March 2023

Sharing insights into youth experiences of violence, and young people’s solutions to drive safer, fairer futures in England and Wales.

Experiencing violence is ‘inevitable’, says UK youth

News 20 March 2023

Peer research with more than 4,600 10- to 20-year-olds finds young people experiencing violence and facing discrimination in communities across England and Wales 

Evidence and replication

Publication 23 June 2015

Th is infographic from the Realising Ambition consortium explores the why, the how and the who of evidence and replication. It presents the learning from the programme including key messages, across evidence, replication and collaboration.

Realising Ambition – Lessons on replication and evidenced based interventions

Publication 18 July 2013

Every year thousands of children and young people enter the criminal justice system for the first time. This has a major impact on their families and the communities to which they belong, but an even bigger impact on their own life chances. The Young

Let’s talk about Stop and Search

Publication 30 March 2013

Relationships between young people and the police can be tense and are often exacerbated by difficult stop and search encounters. Stop and search procedures are one of the key touch points between police and young people and most understand the

Reducing crime: the case for preventative investment

Publication 30 September 2012

Ignoring the need for prevention can store up big problems for the future, whether the issue is health or criminal justice, homelessness or poor performance at school. But faced with austerity, the risk is that local services concentrate on making

Tottenham Together: Voices from Tottenham after the 2011 riots

Publication 5 November 2011

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the Haringey Community Panel to engage the community of Tottenham to understand how they viewed the impact of the August disturbances, and to consider actions that can be taken to help the area recover

Turning the Corner: Beyond incarceration and re-offending

Publication 1 August 2010

Political and economic upheavals open up opportunities for more radical reform of the justice system. But reformers have struggled to come up with proven alternatives to incarceration which are cost effective, progressive and able to secure public confidence. Turning the

Weathering the storm – Negotiating Transitions in Britain Today

Publication 30 January 2010

This report looks at how people manage difficult and traumatic transitions. For some transitions such as leaving prison or care, unemployment or the end of a relationship can trigger a positive change. For others a difficult transition can undermine and

Collaborative projects on youth crime

Publication 1 April 2009

Working with Essex, Knowsley, Sheffield and Westminster local authorities, the Innovation Catalyst looked at a collaborative workstream on youth crime which provided research, intensive support and innovation consultancy to help develop and support innovative pilots. The Innovation Catalyst was a


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