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“Why don’t they ask us?” The role of communities in levelling up

Repository entry 1 July 2021

This report by the Institute for Community Studies reveals that current approaches to regeneration and economic transformation are not working for the majority of local communities and their economies.

Its key findings are that:

Interventions have consistently failed to address the most deprived communities, contributing to a 0%…

Positioning Peer Research in a Policy Context

Repository entry 1 November 2020

With increasing interest towards evidence-based policy, comes a greater understanding of the value in using the experience and perspectives of people directly affected by social challenges. Local government and service providers are acknowledging the enhanced effectiveness of public policy when involving those with lived experience – or ‘expe…

Peer Research in the UK

Repository entry 1 October 2020

This report takes an in-depth look at the use of peer research in the UK today, providing a comprehensive introduction to the methodology and advocating for its value as a legitimate and insightful research approach. The report covers:

The definition of peer research as a methodology and a discussion of its many advantages.


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