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Working with community groups: Why and how to do it

Repository entry 1 October 2022

Guidance for public agencies about working with community groups, based on research exploring relationships between Big Local areas and different public sector agencies.

You can find more reports written or commissioned by Local Trust here.

Big Local relationships with public agencies

Repository entry 1 May 2022

Local Trust commissioned this research to understand relationships between Big Local areas and the four most common types of public agencies they were connecting with: local authorities, housing associations, schools and health agencies.

The research will be of interest to public agencies and people working in communities who want to achieve l…

The Value of Small in a Big Crisis

Repository entry 1 February 2021

Three years on from the publication of the landmark independent ‘The Value of Small’ study, researchers from Sheffield Hallam, the Open University, IVAR and the University of Wolverhampton revisited the four case study areas during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The 2018 study found that small and medium-sized charities – those with an annual in…

Community accountability in community businesses

Repository entry 1 November 2017

In 2017, IVAR was commissioned by Power to Change to undertake research exploring community accountability within the community business sector. Power to Change sees community accountability as one of the core characteristics of community businesses and requires the businesses it supports to demonstrate how the local community is involved in th…

Community accountability in community businesses – Research Summary

Repository entry 1 November 2017

# Preview | Download RI-10S-Community accountability.pdf66kB Author(s) Eliza Buckley Mike Aiken Leila Baker Houda Davis Richard Usher Citation Buckley, E., Aiken, M., Baker, L., Davis, H. and Usher, R. (2017) Community accountability in community businesses – Research Summary. Research Report.

People, places and health agencies: Lessons from Big Local residents

Repository entry 1 December 2016

Local Trust commissioned this research because health and wellbeing had been identified as a priority in many Big Local areas; and because the areas that were already working with health agencies said that this relationship was both rewarding and challenging.

The research addressed two questions:

Do Big Local areas and health agencies have …

Big Local Annual Learning Review 2012-13: Final report

Repository entry 1 January 2014

This report builds on the first annual learning review, Early Learning from Big Local, and examines further the steps that are being taken towards achieving the overall aim and these outcomes. We have looked at four main questions to help us understand how residents and others in Big Local areas are starting to get involved, getting suppor…


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