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The Economics of Community Asset Transfers: An Economic Framework to define and measure Social Value in Community Asset Transfers

Repository entry 1 December 2017

A common feature across community businesses in different sectors is for their business model to be heavily reliant on and/or driven by Community Asset Transfers (CATs). A CAT is the transfer of the ownership and/or management of an asset from its public-sector owner (usually a local authority) to a community organisation for less than market v…

Economic appraisal of community asset transfers

Repository entry 1 November 2017

# Preview | Download G-2017-11-Economic appraisal of community asset transfers.pdf19MB Author(s) Federico Bruni Robert Marks Stuart Newman Vyara Ruseva Citation Bruni, F., Marks, R., Newman, S. and Ruseva, V. (2017) Economic appraisal of community asset transfers. Practice Guide. Power to


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