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Homes in Community Hands: Year Three Evaluation

Repository entry 1 September 2022

In 2017 Power to Change launched its Homes in Community Hands programme, which sought to boost the development of community led housing (CLH). This would focus primarily on five urban areas across the country. The programme has provided funding to help plan and develop affordable housing projects to meet community needs. It has also provided gr…

Homes In Community Hands – Year 2 Evaluation Report

Repository entry 1 July 2021

Power to Change’s Homes in Community Hands (HCH) programme provided grants to help build and refurbish affordable housing. Specifically, the programme supported the development of community-led housing (CLH) in England where – between 2019 and 2021 – up to £5.8 million in funding was made available. These funds have been predominantly target…


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