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17 August 2022, 10:00am - 11:00am

Join the next Hive Minds session to discuss the ethics of promoting young people’s influence and participatory engagement to address sexual violence and abuse and hear lessons learned from a decade of participatory research and collaboration.

The discussion will be led by Camille Warrington, Senior Research Fellow, and Silvie Bovarnick, Research Fellow, at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire.

The Safer Young Lives Research Centre has been at the forefront of participatory research practice with children and young people affected by sexual violence and abuse for over a decade. Central to this work has been learning with and alongside their Young Research Advisory Panel (YRAP), and developing and sharing learning with international partners through the Our Voices programme.

As part of this work, the Centre has been reflecting on and learning about the ethics of youth participation in relation to sexual violence and related vulnerabilities. The work has been characterised by a commitment to finding ways to respond to and hold risk appropriately – enabling young people’s influence while also prioritising safety and recognising the relationships between participation and protection rights.

In this roundtable we will bring together researchers, frontline practitioners and youth voices to explore the ethics of participation with young people affected by sexual violence. We will discuss what it means to be trauma-informed in this arena and the vital contribution of youth leadership within the sector.

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