Our two-year Civic Journey programme today announces a call for evidence, welcoming evidence, experience and examples of best practice to help shape policy recommendations to support young people to develop as active and empowered citizens.

Emily Morrison, Head of the Institute for Community Studies, explains: “The question of how we, as a society, can nurture future generations to reach their full potential has practical implications concerning the need for system-wide and ‘joined-up’ thinking. These must be explored to create equality of opportunity, drive economic growth, and shape a more positive and inclusive national culture. The Civic Journey programme provides an opportunity for fresh thinking and fresh starts, and we welcome submissions of evidence to inform robust policy proposals.”

Embracing a lifelong approach, this programme aims to enhance a sense of belonging between young people and their communities. This calls for an integrated, imaginative and youth-led approach, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ journey.  

Building understanding, shaping policy 

The Civic Journey is focused on three key areas of exploration: educational provision, volunteering or social action, and more formal political participation. It explores opportunities for individuals to ‘enter’, ‘exit’ and ‘re-engage’ with their civic journey, and the barriers that might prevent re-engagement. The Civic Journey is about system-wide thinking, and has an emphasis on critical ‘transition points’ between different life stages.  

The Institute for Community studies is working with government departments, public and third sector bodies, and community organisations, while also leading an extensive programme of participatory research with young people around the UK.

This is a call for evidence around experiences with and for 16- to 30-year-olds, but this evidence may embrace or reflect on experiences from their earlier childhood.

This call for evidence seeks to deepen understanding of existing systems, stress-test the civic journey concept, and build a coalition of partners who are interested in refining, designing, developing and promoting a renewed and integrated civic journey.

The call for evidence is open until 30 April 2023. Find out more or submit your evidence here.

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