Building evidence to better understand how communities are impacted in the transition to net zero, The Young Foundation and Institute for Community Studies are collaborating with Power to Change, an independent trust supporting community business – and one of the largest funders of community climate action in England.

Building upon existing climate action research, Power to Change recently commissioned new research to analyse community business’ role in the transition to a fairer, greener economy. Launching in early 2023, this evidence will provide insights that inform future support for community businesses to take climate action.

Will Walker, Climate Action Manager at Power to Change, said: “We know that locally rooted community businesses are ideally placed to encourage climate action for a shift to a fairer, greener economy. Together with The Young Foundation and Institute for Community Studies, we are pleased to discuss how we can work towards a more equal society, where the adverse impacts of climate change are not disproportionately felt by the most vulnerable.”

Richard Harries, Director of The Young Foundation’s Institute for Community Studies, adds: “As we navigate the climate crisis, organisations around the UK must work collaboratively, sharing evidence to build understanding of how the vital shift to net zero will effect communities, and doing all we can to help shape policy that minimises threats and maximises potential benefits. We are working with Power to Change to address these urgent and challenging issues at the Labour and Conservative Annual Conferences this year, and I hope our collective insights will influence policy to support communities around the UK.”


Climate change Community Community assets Environment Posted on: 23 September 2022


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