Working to support greater diversity, equity, equality and inclusion in the social investment sector, we are proud to announce The Young Foundation has joined the Diversity Forum. 

In becoming part of this collective, we have signed an action-orientated manifesto, committing to seven pledges:  

  1. Take ownership of its commitment to equity, equality, diversity and inclusion
  2. Build accountability through meaningful collaborations and co-production with networks and marginalised communities
  3. Move beyond representation to work towards an inclusive culture
  4. Accept the longevity and risk involved in meaningful pursuit of diversity and inclusion through open and transparent sharing 
  5. Act with integrity through the investment of time, energy and resources in equitable representation 
  6. Engage in intentional systems change and sustainable inclusion 
  7. Advocate for diversity and inclusion and amplify marginalised voices 

Commenting on the news, our HR Manager, Iqra Farooq, said: “We feel that joining the Diversity Forum is an important step. We’re proud to sign up to its manifesto as one of several measures we’re taking to ensure a fair working environment for all and reflect The Young Foundation’s mission to help shape a fairer future.” 

Further to the seven pledges, any organisation joining the forum agrees to make progress on ten initial actions in the first six months, and complete annual reporting on the seven criteria linked to each pledge. 

Iqra continues: “We’re looking forward to tracking our progress against these important pledges.” 

For more information, please contact 

Innovation and Investment Social finance & ventures diversity diversity forum equality inclusion social investment Posted on: 28 July 2022


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