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Evaluation of Keighley Community Health

Published: 2022

GiveBradford and Power to Change have come together with the aim of creating a community led health offer in Keighley, a town in Bradford, the Keighley Community Health (KCH) grants programme. This has aimed to improve health outcomes for people in Keighley by supporting both community groups and community businesses to engage with social presc…

Community Power and Health Equity: Closing the Gap between Scholarship and Practice

Published: 2022

This discussion paper draws on learnings from Lead Local: Community-Driven Change and the Power of Collective Action, a collaborative effort funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It shows how the power-building ecosystem works in practice, showcasing examples of state and local power-building organisations and campaigns nationwide and r…

Community empowerment and mental wellbeing: longitudinal findings from a survey of people actively involved in the Big Local place-based initiative in England

Published: 2022

Community empowerment initiatives are receiving increased interest as ways of improving health and reducing health inequalities. This research examines longitudinal associations between collective control, social-cohesion and mental wellbeing amongst participants in the Big Local community empowerment initiative across 150 disadvantaged areas o…

Case Study: ARK at Egwood

Published: 2021

ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) at Egwood is a land-based day facility in South Somerset set up in 2019. It offers therapeutic activities, experiences and support services on 12 acres of land with animals, horticulture and communal buildings to improve people’s health and wellbeing. It has two paid staff and about 35 volunteers who regularly su…

Community Power: The Evidence

Published: 2021

The term community power captures a wide range of different practices, approaches and initiatives. Common to all of these is the principle that communities have knowledge, skills and assets which mean they themselves are well placed to identify and respond to any challenges that they face, and to thrive.

This report sets out the wealth of comm…

Case Study: Hyde Park Source

Published: 2021

Hyde Park Source is a community organisation in Leeds set up in 1998. It runs a range of projects including a Design-and-Build service, Outdoor Education and Community Garden groups. It aims to improve health and wellbeing by working with local communities ‘to help them improve their surroundings, designing and creating attractive, exciting a…

Understanding vaccine hesitancy through communities of place

Published: 2021

A new UK-US collaborative study examining vaccine engagement highlights the importance of tapping into local knowledge and leadership in efforts to improve Covid-19 vaccine take-up.

The research was funded by the British Academy, the Social Science Research Council, and the UK’s Science and Innovation Network in the&…

Health on the high street

Published: 2020

Health and wealth have long gone hand in hand. A healthy community is one that is more productive, and a community with more wealth is healthier and enjoys more years of healthy life. Rather than further decimating our high streets as we emerge from COVID-19, we believe creating multi-functional, ‘destination’ high streets and town centres …

Community-led housing and health: a comprehensive literature review

Published: 2019

This review of the existing academic and grey literature on the relationship between community-led housing and health was commissioned by Power to Change in Spring 2019. Academics from the University of the West off England used Barton and Grant’s ‘health map’ framework to ensure the review considered a range of conditions that impact on …

Community-led housing and health: a comprehensive literature review – Research Summary

Published: 2019

# Preview | Download RI-23S-Community-led housing and health.pdf234kB Author(s) Katie McClymont Emma Griffin Laurence Carmichael Rachael Marsh Citation McClymont, K., Griffin, E., Carmichael, L. and Marsh, R. (2019) Community-led housing and health: a comprehensive literature review – Research Summary. Research

Systematic review of community business related approaches to health and social care

Published: 2019

This systematic review looks to identify what evidence exists in relation to the impact of community business-related approaches to health and social care on its users. In particular, the report asks how effective community businesses are in delivering outcomes for their users.

Systematic review of community business related approaches to health and social care – Research Summary

Published: 2019

# Preview | Download RI-20S-Systematic review of community business related approaches to health and social care.pdf148kB Author(s) Stuart McClean Sanda Ismail Jane Powell Mat Jones Richard Kimberlee Emma Bird Pauline Shaw Citation McClean, S., Ismail, S., Powell, J., Jones, M.,


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