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Delivering Zero-Carbon Schools: A practical and innovative business model for the community energy sector

Published: 2022

Schools are at the heart of our local communities; they represent a quarter of public sector carbon emissions, so fully decarbonising their energy will be essential. While two-thirds of local authorities have declared a Climate Emergency, many do not have plans in place to tackle schools’ emissions. This report presents a new business mo…

Leading to Net Zero – Evidence review of communities pioneering low carbon standards

Published: 2021

The consultancy firm Hoyle and Dean was commissioned by the Community Land Trust Network to undertake a “soft touch” review of the approach various community-led housing development teams take towards sustainability and carbon reduction for housing developments within their operating areas. The purpose of the review was to find the overall …

Towards resilience: Building energy systems with community at their heart

Published: 2021

COVID-19 has brought into sharp focus the fragile state and deeply interconnected nature of the critical systems we rely on for our health and prosperity. Our energy system is a case in point; the pandemic has underscored that existing top-down, centralised models of energy supply and management are not a good fit for the future.

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