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Models of Value that Community Organising Generates for its Adopters

Published: 2022

Over recent years, the principles and practice of community organising have proliferated across a range of organisations and sectors. Keen to understand the impact of community organising and its potential as a tool for communities to tackle local issues, Power to Change commissioned a piece of research in 2020 looking in-depth at the experienc…

Power to Change and blended finance

Published: 2021

The social investment market in the UK is growing rapidly, with transaction values rising from £165 million to £1.1 billion over the last ten years. Power to Change sees social investment as being a key funding approach to develop the community business market. Working through the Key Fund and Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) they have i…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #9: Community responses to COVID-19 – Communities and local authorities

Published: 2021

The varied ways in which local authorities have worked with communities in response to COVID-19 is of great interest for policymakers, researchers and practitioners at the local level. Earlier research on this topic can provide helpful frameworks and insights to inform current debates. This briefing looks at literature on the relationships betw…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #1: How will communities respond to and recover from this crisis?

Published: 2020

This research briefing connects communities currently responding to COVID-19 to others who have faced major crises such as epidemics, floods, fires, earthquakes, wars and terrorist incidents. It provides a language to describe how communities forge new bonds and find common purpose, and identifies factors that may shape how well they fare durin…

Building an inclusive economy through community business: The role of social capital and agency in community business formation in deprived communities

Published: 2019

# Preview | Download ORC-2019-10-Building an inclusive economy through community business.pdf7MB Author(s) Unspecified Citation Unspecified (2019) Building an inclusive economy through community business: The role of social capital and agency in community business formation in deprived communities. Research Report. Centre

Building social capital: Summary of learning from Big Local

Published: 2015

The aim of Big Local is to ensure that people are connected, have choices and are supported to achieve lasting change in the place where they live. Underpinning its resident-led and community-paced approach is its commitment to support residents over the long term to learn skills and gain the confidence to make decisions in their communities, b…


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