Reimagining Rent: Social Innovation in the Private Rented Sector

21 September 2020 | Authors: Adam Kybird, Tigran Sogomonian,

Over the last decade, almost two million new households have begun renting privately. The Private Rented Sector is growing rapidly but it is quickly having to meet new needs as increasing numbers of families with children, older people and those

How Covid-19 changed community life in the UK

9 July 2020 | Authors: Franca Roeschert, Jana Tauschinski, Zoe Dibb,

A week by week archive of life during a pandemic. Understanding the impact on people and communities. Covid-19 has radically changed the way we go about our day-to-day lives. It has shifted where we turn for help and support and

The Voices of Basic Income

5 April 2020 | Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Gitanjali Patel, Hannah Davis, Victoria Boelman,

This report explores the lives and experiences of residents in three neighbourhoods of Eix Besos in North-Eastern Barcelona. From December 2017 to late 2019, these communities were part of a radical experiment “B-MINCOME” – to tackle urban poverty and social

Nothing About Us, Without Us – Lived experience insight & social investment

17 February 2020 | Authors: Helen Goulden, Sarah Faber,

The shift towards bringing the voices, perspectives and experiences of people and communities closer to the source of decision-making and power has been growing for some time. A distrust of governments and institutions who hold power, growing inequality, the subsequent

Flipping the coin: two sides of community wealth in England

15 November 2019 | Authors: Jana Tauschinski, Tigran Sogomonian, Victoria Boelman,

The inequalities in investment across England and the rest of the UK has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years – especially when considered through the lens of multiple deprivation. Since the EU referendum in 2016, more political and media

Healthy New Towns: Putting Health into Place

22 October 2019 | Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Laura Whittall, Radhika Bynon, Victoria Boelman,

The Young Foundation, in partnership with NHS England, The Town & Country Planning Association, PA Consulting and The Kings Fund has launched Putting Health into Place. Through the Healthy New Towns programme we explored how the development of new places

A Brighter Future

1 October 2019 | Authors: Franca Roeschert, Zoe Dibb,

The Young Foundation was funded by the H&M Foundation. The programme helps young people find their way into education, employment or training (EET) by providing them with personalised job coaching and access to a bursary fund. Our report, ‘A Brighter

New Perspectives on Housing

25 April 2019 | Authors:

This report sets out the five housing challenges that we put under the microscope as part of the New Perspectives project. We explored these challenges at our housing event in London on 24th April 2019. As part of the event we

Beyond Meritocracy: The Anthology

26 March 2019 | Authors:

Beyond Meritocracy: The Anthology contains a series of essays and creative responses to the question: ‘What lies beyond Meritocracy? What might be the equation for the 21st century?’ The Anthology coincides with the 60th Anniversary of our founder, Michael Young’s seminal

Getting by in Barcelona: A portrait of life before basic income

12 March 2019 | Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Hannah Davis, Victoria Boelman,

This report explores the lives and experiences of the residents in three neighbourhoods of Eix Besos in North-Eastern Barcelona. Since December 2017 these communities have been part of a radical experiment to tackle urban poverty and social exclusion in the

Building Bridges, Building Health Report

4 December 2018 | Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Hannah Davis,

In 2017, we were commissioned by SPEAR, a charity supporting people experiencing homelessness in South & West London to evaluate their Homeless Health Link Service (HHLS) which is funded by Big Lottery Fund. In this evaluation we provide an independent review

Putting Health into Place

28 September 2018 | Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon,

This booklet introduces the forthcoming Putting Health into Place Publication which The Young Foundation is producing in partnership with NHS England and others. Inside we outline 10 key principles for creating healthy new places, by strengthening and empowering communities, and


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