Research papers for a major new international social research conference. This is a call for abstracts for research papers that go beyond the current state of knowledge on  social innovation, identify and address gaps in knowledge and generate hypotheses that can shape  future research agendas in this field. We are looking for proposals that push the boundaries of  current knowledge, look to other disciplines for insight, develop a useful evidence base for social  innovation that can inform policy and form new hypotheses to set a collective research agenda for  the next ten years. Successful proposals will be invited to present at a major international research conference to be  held in the UK (in London or Oxford) on 14 – 15 November 2013, so prospective bidders should  ensure that they are able to attend this event. This will form the start of an international network of social innovation researchers, building on the work of TEPSIE and other European Union research projects on social innovation. Download a full pdf of the publication. 

Posted on: 5 January 2013


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