A paper from The Young Foundation’s Institute for Community Studies reflects on emerging landmark research, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, that examines the impact the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions will have on our most vulnerable families and communities.   

An inclusive, sustainable climate agenda will deliver a fair shift to net zero. Key points from the policy briefing include: 

  • fundamental changes are required at all levels of our economy and society – from how we power our homes and how we travel, to the food we eat and the work we do.   
  • with deep, fast and fair decarbonisation, we can turn crisis into opportunity, rejuvenating places and improving people’s lives.    
  • moving to a fairer, greener economy requires unprecedented citizen engagement and participation, with policymakers building trust and giving communities greater agency to harness the new opportunities created.     
  • low-income households and marginalised communities are disproportionately affected by climate crisis and risk being left behind. The journey to net zero is part of the answer to the high cost of living. People need ongoing advice and practical support to adapt their homes and lifestyle.   

The Young Foundation and Power to Change work with people around the UK to drive meaningful change, connecting community action with local and central government. Now is the moment for policy-influencers to support community-led approaches, tackling society’s biggest challenges at a local level.

Emily Morrison, Head of the Institute for Community Studies, says:

“The Institute’s emerging research highlights an urgent need for national and local policymakers – and those delivering transition strategies – to act. This is a crucial moment consider both the potential negative impacts on people who are already experiencing the greatest disadvantage, and to look at how policy can be designed and leveraged to ensure all households can access the opportunities of net zero transition. Engaging our most deprived and poorest communities to participate in the UK’s shift to net zero is vital, ensuring transition isn’t simply a macro policy change that leaves people behind. We hope to support the development of meaningful, impactful policy that benefits the public, communities and businesses around the UK”.

Read the Institute for Community Studies’ paper


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