Through citizen science, people can explore issues that matter to them, take part in solving global challenges, shape the questions that researchers ask, and learn new skills. We hope the lessons from this programme will inspire communities and researchers around the UK.”

Tom Saunders, Head of Public Engagement at UKRI

This three-year, UKRI-funded programme launched in 2021. Working with researchers and citizen scientists from five projects, our collaboration seeks to share best practice and explore what works in ‘citizen science’, asking how a range of participatory approaches can support people to play a fuller role in the design, delivery and communication of research.

This programme also aims to inform future participatory research and funding design.

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What is 'citizen science'?

Our short video explores the value and purpose of participatory research approaches.

Discussion and debate

Citizen science, health research, and the fight against Covid-19

Speaking at an event convened by UKRI, the FSA, and the Institute for Community Studies, Professor Tim Spector shares insights from the world’s biggest citizen science health project – the ZOE Health Study – which provided data in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research and reflections

Telling the whole story: why we must be open about the complexities of citizen science research

Methods & Measurement Peer research

31 October 2022

Dr Helena Hollis says support structures can be developed to build participatory research capacities for the future.

Valuing and enabling citizen science: lessons from the Citizen Science Exploration Grant programme

Institute for Community Studies Peer research

14 August 2022

Exploring UKRI-funded projects, this report makes recommendations for future ‘citizen science’ research and funding design. 


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