We believe that managing the transition between youth and adulthood better is vitally important in improving outcomes for young people. However there is a lack of evidence about what works in this area. Further, such evidence as exists is not always reflected in practice. We have a number of projects addressing this issue.

We worked with the National Youth Agency to bolster the evidence base for youth services and to allow the case to be made more effectively to internal and external audiences.

Phase one focused on the development of a typology of value, and a rapid review of existing research and tools with a focus on what practitioners and commissioners needed to support them in the current context.

Phase two focused on developing practical approaches, through piloting the use of the calculator tool developed in the first phase. The calculator has distilled evidence for the link between social and emotional capabilities, such as persistence and dependability, and costable outcomes such as offending and anti-social behaviour.

Families & Youth Health & wellbeing Methods & Measurement

Posted on: 30 June 2011 Authors: Bethia McNeil, Neil Reeder,


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